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TYCO Contract Ratified

by CWA LOCAL 6171 on 02/27/18

Your Tyco Bargaining Committee is pleased to announce that the Tentative Agreement has ratified.  The committee would like to thank all of you for your support during and after negotiations.

In Unity,

Your CWA Bargaining Committee

Major Organizing Win for CWA and Local 6171

by CWA LOCAL 6171 on 02/08/18

One hundred and sixty-one home-based customer service representatives who work for Frontier Communications in Texas overwhelmingly won a mail ballot election to join CWA. A strong inside organizing committee was supported by officers and activists of CWA Local 6171 and by District 6 organizing staff.

The committee set up an effective network to share information and updates on a daily basis. They overcame the challenge of an all home-based workforce by reaching out and meeting agents at stores, restaurants, and at homes in addition to connecting via text, social media, and phone calls. Members of Local 6171, which represents several Frontier units in District 6, were at every committee meeting to talk about how a union voice makes a difference at Frontier.


Home-based customer service representatives with Frontier Communications in Texas are joining CWA.


Tyco Final Bargaining Report and Contract Explanation Meeting

by CWA LOCAL 6171 on 01/22/18

TYCO Final Bargaining Report


Your Tyco Bargaining Committee is proud to announce that after intense negotiations, a Tentative Agreement has been reached on January 18, 2018. After many hours spent at the negotiation table, we are pleased that there is not retrogression in this Tentative Agreement. Your committee was able to achieve several enhancements for the bargaining unit.


We would like to thank those of you that filled out the bargaining survey and supported your committee during this time.

Contract explanation meeting

Wednesday, January 24 at 7pm

Atrium Hotel and Suites
4600 W. Airport Freeway
Irving, TX 75062


In Unity,


Your TYCO Bargaining Committee


Contract explanation meeting

Wednesday, January 24 at 7pm

Atrium Hotel and Suites
4600 W. Airport Freeway
Irving, TX 75062

Run-off Election Results

by CWA LOCAL 6171 on 12/06/17

The election committee has announced the unofficial winners of the run-off elections:

President: Travis Pirotte
Executive VP: Ken Conner
Secretary/treasurer: Mike Zwernemann 
7979 Beltline AVP: Elena Washington

Official results will be forthcoming from the election committee.

Dish Network Attendance Policy Bargaining

by CWA LOCAL 6171 on 08/17/17

August 16, 2017
Several weeks ago DISH reached out to the Union stating they were going to start strictly enforcing the attendance policy they implemented in 2015 without notifying the Union.  The Union immediately requested information over this and after reviewing the documentation provided, demanded bargaining with DISH.
The Union’s Bargaining Committee, chaired by Sylvia J. Ramos, met on August 1, 2017 to prepare for bargaining with the Company on August 2, 2017.  On August 2, 2017, your Bargaining Committee met with the Company at 9 a.m. to commence bargaining over the attendance policy.  We spent almost the entire day in negotiations and at approximately 4:30 p.m. a tentative agreement was reached pending review of the agreement before executing it.
The following is what was tentatively agreed to:
Clock In
• Clock in no sooner than five minutes before the start of your shift and you will be paid from the time you clock in.
• If you are going to be tardy, you must notify the manager on duty at least 45 minutes prior to the start of the employee’s shift and arrive within 60 minutes after the start time.  (Warehouse is also covered in this attendance agreement)
Unexcused Absences
• If the employee does not notify the manager at least 45 minutes prior to their shift and does not show up for work.
Excused Absences
• PTO requests for one day should be submitted at least three days in advance.
• Requests for consecutive days should be submitted at least 2 weeks in advance.
Sick Time
• Starting January 1, 2018, 40 hours of PTO can be used without occurrence points.  The points can be used for illness and non-work related injuries provided the employee informs the manager at least 45 minutes prior to the employee’s start time.
• 30 hours of unpaid time will be given to each employee to use for illness and non-work related injuries provided the employee informs the manager at least 45 minutes prior to your start time.  (These 30 hours can only be used for the remainder of 2017 and is unpaid).
Disciplinary Action
• On September 2, 2017, all employees will start with 0 (zero) occurrences and no previous absences or tardies will be considered for any purposes.
• All occurrences will be assessed on a 90 day rolling timeframe.
• The Company must deliver any attendance discipline by the end of the second shift when the employee returns to work.
• When an employee reaches level 5, they will be suspended and the Union notified.  The Union will have the right to request bargaining.
**A tardy of 60 minutes or less will be given a ½ point occurrence provided the employee contacts the manager at least 45 minutes prior to their start time.
**This has not been finalized yet.  The Union has some questions that will be brought to the Company.  Once the document is finalized and executed, it will be made available to the employees.