A Message From CWA Local 6171 Principle Officers Regarding Covid-19 : The Communicator
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A Message From CWA Local 6171 Principle Officers Regarding Covid-19

by CWA LOCAL 6171 on 03/22/20

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

We are facing a unique situation unlike any other we have seen or faced in most of our lifetimes. While things are changing daily if not hourly, the local recognizes you, your family and all our coworkers’ safety is paramount. In saying that, if you are in a situation at a job where you feel your safety is at risk you should back away and call your manager for guidance. If you feel it is not resolved, please reach out to your UD or AVP and advise. They should reach out to the company to rectify the situation. If they cannot rectify the situation, the AVP should contact the local.

Please be mindful that our customers need their service and are facing the same crisis you are. We are a critical service infrastructure provider with our customers and the government expecting us to continue delivering our services. Be mindful if in a customer’s home that you maintain the recommended social distancing. Let’s all work together and get through this unusual time.


In Unity,

CWA Local 6171 Principal Officers,

Travis Pirotte

Kenneth Conner

Mike Zwerenemann