Centurylink Bargaining Report #10 : The Communicator
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Centurylink Bargaining Report #10

by CWA LOCAL 6171 on 08/14/21

Bargaining Report #10


The Union remains steadfast in reaching an agreement by expiration that is on Sunday, August 15, 2021, at midnight. Our Staff Rep had some off the record conversations with the company trying to see what kind of movement can be made at the table. We continue to assess and demand the company thoroughly explain its rationale for passing their proposals, most of which are retrogressive in nature. While we have been able to agree on several proposals, a few big items remain open on both sides. Remain strong and call your managers throughout the day and tomorrow asking them if we have an agreement yet. If they do not know, call Gary Loyd or Tina Lawrence and ask, as he is at the negotiating table. Continue to call until they answer. leave messages and text them until they answer, give it an hour and ask again. Ask them why they feel you do not deserve OT or want to utilize standby during the week? Ask them why they have not agreed to give you MLK Day yet as the non-bargained for have? This is a mobilization effort we need everyone to do it NOW! We are down to crunch time and we will work as long as needed to get a contract by expiration. Stay united and back your committee.


In Unity,


Your CWA Bargaining Committee