Centurylink Bargaining Report #11 : The Communicator
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Centurylink Bargaining Report #11

by CWA LOCAL 6171 on 08/15/21



On Saturday, August 14, 2021, the Union spent most of the day preparing counters and a voluminous request for information to have the company substantiate its outstanding items. The company stated they do not have any research or other departments on standby to work on it. Funny how they agree to a contract and its expiration date but are not fully prepared or working weekends. They expect the employees to answer the phone during their off time! They even expect their call to be returned within 30 minutes. But with something as serious as taking care of their employees with a contract, they sat and procrastinated and blamed it on people above them. Well if that is the case, I need everyone on expiration day, Sunday, August 15, 2021, to call Bill Stubbs at 913-908-9815 and ask him why we do not yet have a contract? Email him also at bill.stubbs@lumen.com and demand him to work on the weekends like many of you have to. We need to blast him with calls and emails to get the company to move in hopes of getting to an agreement before midnight. We are only as strong as the mobilization we have behind us. Your committee needs everyone to step up and participate as this is your contract you have to live under. Continue to call your managers hourly and ask what is the hold up? 


In Unity,

Your CWA Bargaining Committee