Centurylink Bargaining Report #4 August 4th 2021 : The Communicator
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Centurylink Bargaining Report #4 August 4th 2021

by CWA LOCAL 6171 on 08/04/21

LUMEN Bargaining Report #4

August 4, 2021


Your Union Bargaining Committee met this morning with the company. We discussed an announcement that was sent to the Union after hours on yesterday regarding the sale of the Arkansas Bargaining Unit along with 20 states to a company called Apollo Global Management. We advised the company that this announcement has drastically changed the Union’s approach with respect to bargaining. With a lot of retrogression on the table from the company we put a hold on the morning session of bargaining to meet with the District leadership and  their attorney. While we are still formulating and assessing this development, we remain steadfast to bring the contract in by expiration. Remember, neither the Union nor the members asked to have a for sale sign put out for the Arkansas Bargaining Unit.

Your bargaining Committee along with our attorney met with the company to go over some proposed changes to the pension plan. We wanted a legal view and opinion on what the company is proposing. The committee is in this to get the best contract for all members of CWA Local 6171. Remember to tell your management team you want a fair and just contract for all. Sign up a non-member with the pending sale to Apollo we will need to have strength in numbers.


In Unity,

You CWA Bargaining Committee