Centurylink Bargaining Report #5 August 5th 2021 : The Communicator
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Centurylink Bargaining Report #5 August 5th 2021

by CWA LOCAL 6171 on 08/05/21

Lumen Bargaining Report #5

August 5, 2021


Today August 5, 2021 your Bargaining Committee met with the company and went over each of their proposals that had been presented to the Union. The Union rejected many of the company’s retrogressive proposals. The company has yet to get back with us on any of the proposals that were presented to the company. The company did provide us with more information on several of the requests that we had submitted. The Union is working late to go over all the information and outstanding proposals that were given to us. Things at the table change from hour to hour or day to day. We will continue to assess and gather as much information possible to achieve a fair and just contract. Thank you for your support. Remember we are stronger when we are in solidarity. We will resume negotiations on Monday, August 9, 2021. Be prepared for mobilization activities called for. We ask that you work to rule and remind your managers that they are who they are because of you and your work!


In Unity,

The CWA Bargaining Committee